How Software Outsourcing Can Empower Digital Transformation

Feb 6 8:00:28 by

Businesses are constantly readjusting themselves to become more agile and innovative while maximizing their opportunity in today’s digital economy. This is especially true for up-and-coming businesses with limited budgets that need to think ahead of the curve to find additional resources to fuel their digital transformation. Software outsourcing is no longer perceived as a choice […] The post How Software Outsourcing Can Empower Digital Transformation appeared first on

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Norman's Three Levels of Design

Mar 14 17:00:00 by

In the human mind there are numerous areas responsible for what we refer to as emotion; collectively, these regions comprise the emotional system. Don Norman proposes the emotional system consists of three different, yet interconnected levels, each of which influences our experience of the world in a particular way. The three levels are visceral, behavioral, and reflective. The visceral level is responsible for the ingrained, automatic and almost animalistic qualities of human emotion, which are almost entirely out of our control. The behavioral level refers to the controlled aspects of human action, where we unconsciously analyze a situation so as to develop goal-directed strategies most li...

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What is Business Agility?

Feb 11 9:28:51 by

I was approached to speak at a startup event for a local Business Agility Institute user group here in the Raleigh/Durham area. I was quite pleased to be approached and am more than willing to present an agile topic to the group.  But the request made me think… I’ve been engaged in agile approaches for nearly twenty years. So, I have quite a lot of experience with the core methods, practices, scaling, agile leadership, cultures, etc. But what the heck is “Business Agility” and what sorts of topics would that group be interested in? The answer escaped me and I realized I had to do some research. Basic Definitions Here’s what CA (Rally Software) had to say regarding a definition and 3 key aspects: A company’s way to sense and respond to change proactively and with confidence to deliver business value—faster than the competition—as a matter of everyday business. 1.     It’s making the customer the central focus of your organization 2.     It’s driving value faster, better, and more efficiently 3.     It’s transforming how your business operates to achieve successful outcomes

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Technical Debt is Like Tetris

Mar 21 21:05:45 by

Here’s a wonderful post by Eric Higgins all about refactoring and technical debt. He compares giant refactoring projects to being similar to Tetris: Similar to running a business, Tetris gets harder the longer you play. Pieces move faster and it becomes harder to keep up. Similar to running a business, you can never win Tetris. There is no true finish line. You only control how quickly you lose. Similar to running a business, allowing too many gaps to build up in Tetris will cause you to lose. I love this comparison, despite my mediocre Tetris skills. It does feel like even "easy" development becomes harder as technical debt grows on a project, much the same way Tetris pieces gain speed and provide little time to react as the stack grows. However, I do think perhaps I have a more optimistic view of technical debt overall. If you work slowly and carefully then you can build up a culture of refactoring and gather momentum over time. Direct Link to Article — PermalinkThe post Technical Debt is Like Tetris appeared first on CSS-Tricks.

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5 MVP Development Mistakes Resulting in an Epic Business Failure

Mar 1 14:31:20 by

"Minimum Viable Product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort." — Eric Ries After speaking to budding entrepreneurs about launching a business, most of them have massive dreams of starting a big, successful company that will be the next Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon.

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Mobile marketers increase their focus on data

Feb 13 14:43:19 by

Data has become an increasingly popular resource for marketers, new research from marketing platform YouAppi reveals that 98 percent of respondents say they have increased their organizational investment in data. What's more that investment is paying off, 97 percent say they have seen improvement, with more than half of those calling the improvements ‘significant.’ Areas of investment include reporting and dashboard technology (81 percent), in-house data analytics teams (64 percent), purchasing third party performance data (47 percent), adding more data-centric roles on internal teams (46 percent) and hiring outside agencies for data analysis (24 percent). As well as increased spending,… [Continue Reading]

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Product Tours: When to Use Which UI Pattern

Mar 22 16:05:32 by

The right UI pattern can be the difference between a helpful product tour and a bad one in your onboarding UX. Choose the best pattern for your product tour.

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Developers love Agile, but is it right for content marketing?

Mar 13 14:42:35 by mktingland

Some swear by the highly iterative process for creating marketing content. Others say it's not a fit. The post Developers love Agile, but is it right for content marketing? appeared first on Marketing Land. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

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Gartner says tipping point in cloud PaaS is almost complete – with $20bn market revenue in 2019

Mar 3 2:02:26 by

An interesting if brief note from the analysts at Gartner this week: according to their forecasts, almost half of today’s platform as a service (PaaS) service offerings are cloud-only, with a $20 billion (£15.02bn)... The post Gartner says tipping point in cloud PaaS is almost complete – with $20bn market revenue in 2019 appeared first on WBD.

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What’s the point of doing UX?

Feb 18 17:00:00 by

From a business perspective, differentiation is one of the primary reasons for investing in UX. If your products and services stand out from those of your competitors, they’re much more likely to be a market success – and having the most compelling and relevant user experiences is a great way to stand out! In this video, we will take you through the most important factors in differentiation through UX. So, in order to practice UX that differentiates you from your competitors, you need to use an outside-in work process. Outside-in means gathering information about actual users and customers in the context most relevant for your product or service and bringing that information into...

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