Businesses will spend $128 billion on public cloud this year, says IDC

Jul 18 15:05:00 by

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will dominate as the top cloud computing type, capturing two-thirds of all public cloud spending in 2017.

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When the Cloud Meets Big Data

Jul 5 19:05:00 by

Do you host your Big Data environment in the cloud, or create a data lake on premises? Each approach has its pluses and minuses.

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How Edge Computing Might Benefit Enterprise IT

Jul 3 11:01:00 by

“The edge will eat the cloud. And this is perhaps as important as the cloud computing trend ever was.” — Tom Bittman, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner Research If you’re one of the many IT pros still finding your footing with cloud computing, this statement from Tom Bittman might sting a little. It sounds like you might be spending time worrying about the cloud for nothing.

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Automated Tools Ease Cloud Migration

Jun 26 13:00:00 by

With new tools appearing, automation and orchestration are having a major impact on easing the burden of moving to the cloud.

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Nearly every company in survey says the cloud needs a ‘makeover’

Jun 28 12:00:48 by

A large majority of enterprises said they’re not getting enough benefits from their move to the cloud, according to a new survey from cloud infrastructure management company Fugue Inc. The organizations pointed to a range of factors, including compliance and security concerns and unexpected downstream costs, adding up to their contention that the cloud is […] The post Nearly every company in survey says the cloud needs a ‘makeover’ appeared first on SiliconANGLE.

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The Most Effective Way to Write Effective SQL: Change Your Thinking Style

Jul 4 14:01:01 by

Writing effective SQL queries is one of the biggest problems in the enterprise software world. The most fundamental problem faced by every company that develops projects on a database is that the performance achieved in development environments can not be achieved in live environments. Generally, the reason for these performance losses is that the volume of data in the live environment is much larger.

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Okoli connects you with tour guides around the world

Jul 17 17:25:04 by

Okoli is new service by developer Jack Deneut which aims to replace those ugly little cards you find in tourist hotels. The web app, which currently works in Prague, Budapest, Berlin, and Paris, lets you reserve a nearly private tour with a professional guide and you’re guaranteed groups of no bigger than eight people. It is live now. Standard tour groups depend on large numbers of… Read More

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How to expose flaws in custom-built mobile apps

Jul 18 19:49:00 by

As enterprises develop more custom applications -- many of them mobile apps as part of a mobile-first strategy -- in-house developers are increasingly at risk of unwittingly using open-source code rife with vulnerabilities.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story)

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Improved alternate authentication experience

Jul 14 19:23:56 by

Recently, we’ve heard feedback from customers that developers have a poor experience creating and managing their alternate authentication credentials and that administrators moving from TFS to the cloud aren’t provided the policies they need to enforce how alternate authentication is used by their end users. This post will describe our plans to provide a better... Read More

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The Complete Guide to Windows 10 Taskbar Customization

Jul 19 16:00:00 by

The Taskbar is one of the least appreciated aspects of the Windows user interface (UI). It’s there, it’s reliable, and it does exactly what it’s supposed to. Some, however, have come to terms with the fact that desktop customization is a thirst that knows no bounds. Even your Taskbar isn’t off limits: there are plenty of ways, both by default and through third-party software, which allows users to tweak every conceivable facet of their Taskbar. Since it’s such a minor aspect of the UI, however, there’s almost never a complete online guide to twist, shape, and change your Taskbar. That...Read the full article: The Complete Guide to Windows 10 Taskbar Customization

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