Big Data Analytics and Modern Enterprises

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Big data analytics are a must for modern enterprise organizations. After all, what use is all that data you’re generating if you can’t interpret it and put it to use in meaningful ways? With the volume, variety, and velocity of …The post Big Data Analytics and Modern Enterprises appeared first on NGDATA.

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Angular 1.5 Packages for Sublime Text 3

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One of my friends was using Sublime Text 3 as an editor for an Angular JS application but he was using it without packages, so he had to do everything manually. I suggested to him a few packages and now he is much more productive than ever. So in the blog post, I’m going to share a few tips and packages for working with SublimeText.Installing Packages on Sublime Text 3Sublime Text 3 support packages that make it a great choice for any kind of Web Development project. This makes a developer’s life easier allowing us to be much more productive than ever. Sublime Text does not come with an inbuilt package manager but there is a third party package manager called “Package Control”. You can find more information about that on the following location: is also instruction provided for installation at the following link: JS 1.5 Packages for Sublime TextJS Hint:If you have ever work with JavaScript you should know about using linters. JS Hint is a JavaScript linter which will lookat  your code and verify that it has proper styling, proper syntax, and report any errors related to JavaScript best practices.To make sure that this plugin works correctly. You need to install JS Hint installed globally via npm: npm install -g jshint Then type Ctrl+ Shift + P and select install package.Once you click on Install, it will load the extension from the repository and you can install the extension you choose.AngularJS:This package was developed by the Angular UI Team. It contains lots of functionality like:Code completion for built-in Angular librariesAngular-related snippetsDirective completion of Custom Defined DirectivesTo Take advantage of this plugin’s syntax highlighting You need to change the view type of your HTML page file: View-> Syntax-> HTML(Angular.js).And then you can utilize code completion like the following.JSFormat:This package helps you format your JavaScript and JSON. It is based on JS Beautifier. It is highly configurable and you can also define your preferences. There are plenty of options available which you can see using the following link: Papa’s Angular Snippets for Sublime Text:John Papa has created great snippets for Angular JS and they are very useful. He has written a nice blog post about how to install it with Sublime Text. You can refer to that using the following link: installing that, you can create lots of angular boilerplate code very easily. For example, If you want to create an angular controller just type ngcontroller.Upon pressing tab, it will create an Angular controller like below. It will also follow the best practices written in John Papa’s style guide.That’s it. Now you should be much more productive with Angular and Sublime Text editor. Hope you like this post. Stay tuned for more!

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Microsoft says its Edge browser is still more energy-efficient than its competitors

Sep 15 15:00:51 by

Once upon a time, browsers were all about getting faster and scoring better on JavaScript benchmarks than their competitors. While speed still matters, many developers have recently focused more on energy efficiency than speed (which makes sense, given that most users now browse on laptops). When Microsoft said that its Edge browser was more energy-efficient than its competitors, like… Read More

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JavaScript Unit Testing with TDD, Jasmine, and Karma

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In this article, we’ll introduce you to a tool combination which will make JavaScript unit testing so much easier. Jasmine and Karma combined will save you hours of testing.TDD, Jasmine, and KarmaTest-driven development (TDD) is one of the main, agile development techniques. The genius of TDD lies in writing your test’s code first, so it can guide your further implementations. This method provides you with an increased quality of code, improved bug detection and overall faster development. The bigger and more important the system you’re building, the more helpful these techniques will be:

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Why Is JavaScript the Programming Language of the Future?

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JavaScript is one of the all-around easiest results-oriented language for web development. The language makes processing and calculation of data a cakewalk. It also helps for adding visual effects to the screen. It is a language that is being used for both client side and server side applications. According to redmonk, JavaScript ranks number #1 in popularity amongst other programming languages leaving the rest behind:Advantages of JavaScript:Here are some of the key advantages of JavaScriptas researched by the ValueCoders team:

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Agile 2016 Keynote: Modern Agile

Aug 21 17:15:00 by

At the recent Agile 2016 conference in Atlanta, Joshua Kerievsky, CEO of Industrial Logic and author of "Refactoring to Patterns" gave a thought provoking keynote around the idea of Modern Agile. By Craig Smith

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SmartBear Enables SwaggerHub to Instantly Deploy to Microsoft Azure

Sep 2 0:30:00 by

SmartBear Software announced new Microsoft Azure integrations for its SwaggerHub collaboration platform for API designers.

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10 Top Programming Methodologies

Sep 12 19:56:00 by

These software development methodologies aim to improve productivity, code quality and collaboration.

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Announcing the release of Azure Mobile Apps Node SDK v3.0.0

Sep 20 10:00:08 by

We are excited to announce the next iteration of the Azure Mobile Apps Node.js Server SDK.  This release includes a stack of new features, improvements and bug fixes. Data Transforms, Filters and Hooks One of the great features within the Server SDK was the ability to provide security filtering and record transformation at the server level, allowing the developer to refine the request-response pipeline for the server by writing JavaScript code.  With the v3.0 release, we've further refined the extensibility points to allow you to manipulate incoming queries and items, and trigger functionality after each data operation. You can, of course, create and distribute your own filters, transforms and hooks. However, we've packaged some common filters that reduce the amount of code you need to write. Per-User Tables Perhaps the most common filter request is to provide per-user data.  Per-user tables can be used with authentication to restrict data within the table to individual users.  To use this filter, add perUser = true to the table definition.  For example: Web Hooks Web hooks can be used to call external HTTP endpoints (for example, Azure Functions) after each data operation completes: For more information on this feature, including the structure that is posted to the HTTP endpoint, refer to the API Reference. Record Expiry Another commonly requested filter is the ability to prevent access to records older than a certain interval. For example, you may want to deny access to records older than 1 day: For more information on specifying intervals, see the API reference. Data Query Improvements Azure Mobile Apps Servers sometimes have to refer to other tables to produce the right tables. We've made some improvements to the Query API to make specific common scenarios easier. Including Soft Deleted Records When you have soft-delete turned on, records are marked as deleted instead of being actually deleted from the SQL table. This information then flows down to other mobile devices so that they can update their offline cache. You can specify .includeDeleted() in the query to include deleted items: Retrieving Records by ID We've added a simple find function to make retrieving records by ID much simpler: Object Queries Previously, you could use object based queries to query tables, but the same functionality was not available on update and delete operations. This functionality is now available and allows you to, for example, delete dependent records: Handling Callbacks in Table Functions Prior SDK releases had no support for callbacks within table operation functions.  Such methods required you to re-factor the code to produce a Promise.  In v3.0.0, we directly support callbacks.  When the callback is completed, call, passing in any error.  For example: Breaking Changes When executing a query with both a skip() and take() clause against SQL Server, an additional column (ROW_NUMBER) was returned that was generated by the underlying query. This column is no longer returned. Because this change was implemented using T-SQL features available in SQL Server 2012 and above, versions of SQL Server prior to 2012 are no longer supported. Installing the SDK Whether you are creating a new Mobile App or upgrading an existing app, The Azure Mobile Apps Server SDK for Node is installed via npm: You can find full API documentation at our GitHub repository and a handy HOWTO document explaining how to build a mobile backend.

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Agile in Dispersed or Distributed Teams

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Cross-cultural team building enables collaboration and teamwork in dispersed or distributed agile teams. You need to invest to get the best out of a dispersed team. An exploration about what is needed to make agile work with dispersed or distributed teams. By Ben Linders

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