SaaS has an nth user problem

May 14 19:28:56 by

Nth users are added to SaaS accounts long after the initial onboarding is over and might not understand a product's core value proposition. What does the nth user problem look like? It looks like loss of champion churn, high support costs, low referral rates, and growing customer attrition.

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We Can't Seem to Escape the Problem of Complexity in Software Development

May 16 8:01:04 by

A typical project in the IT industry often looks like a giant roller coaster. At first, it seems that everything is fine, and superhero programmers will find a solution for any kind of problem.  But a little while later, we learn that even good ideas can fail. And we have to continue building the project, but this time with the help of crutches.  

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Business leaders like their applications, but want them delivered faster

Jun 4 17:04:00 by

Survey shows software development and testing processes ripe for continuous delivery, automation and more collaboration.

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A Complete Guide to SaaS

May 17 9:01:03 by

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, also called on-demand solutions are the talk of the town. SaaS makes up the largest segment of the cloud market and is expected to represent a 17.8 percent growth in 2019. Exploring SaaS? This article will make it crystal clear on what SaaS is and why SaaS seems to grow so tremendously. We also differentiate between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS and also demonstrate why SaaS application development is the best thing ever.

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Product-led user engagement (what B2Bs are learning from B2Cs)

Jun 12 20:59:42 by

B2B companies are implementing product-led user engagement strategies by borrowing from B2C. In this post you'll learn how and why they're doing it.

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Salesforce open-sources Lightning Web Components for application development

May 29 12:00:05 by Inc. is taking its developer embrace one step further by open-sourcing its Lightning Web Components framework. Lightning Web Components is, as the name suggests, a component-based framework that’s designed to simplify application development for regular business employees who lack programming expertise. It comprises a collection of tools that can be pieced together to build […] The post Salesforce open-sources Lightning Web Components for application development appeared first on SiliconANGLE.

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45 best user engagement tools—and how to choose the right ones for your product

May 15 22:04:44 by

We analyzed dozens of user engagement tools and came up with this comprehensive list of the 45 best user engagement tools, in-app communication and chatbot tools, and analytics tools. Here are our favorites, plus recommendations for choosing the right B2B SaaS tool for your product.

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Digital transformation fueled Salesforce’s record quarter

Jun 6 13:34:21 by mktingland

Marketing cloud, commerce solutions grew 33% in first quarter of its fiscal year 2020 while service cloud surpassed $1 billion for the first time. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

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Article: Application Integration for Microservices Architectures: A Service Mesh Is Not an ESB

May 15 10:37:00 by

A service mesh is only meant to be used as infrastructure for communication between services, and developers should not be building any business logic inside the service mesh. Other frameworks and libraries can be used to implement cloud native enterprise application integration patterns. By Kasun Indrasiri

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3 metrics small businesses should track to measure SEO success

Jun 11 12:07:45 by mktingland

Small businesses need time and context to evaluate traffic retention, quality backlinks and conversion rates. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

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