How No-Code and Low-Code Can Help Budget-Strapped Marketing Departments

Sep 16 14:30:38 by

While low-code and no-code development are not necessarily new, both of these terms are now in the mouths of many marketers — but their mention often makes developers' eyes roll. Continue reading...

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No Code and Low-Code Tools Coupled with SaaS Platforms Rise to the COVID-19 Challenge

Sep 4 18:27:00 by

For companies that are losing money because they didn't have an adequate digital strategy before the pandemic, no code and low-code tools could help.

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Using low code platforms to learn development skills

Sep 3 10:00:00 by

Low code and no code platforms are valuable IT tools. They make it easy for employees outside of the IT team to develop apps that simplify business processes. And in some cases, they can aid in the transition from amateur developer or Excel power user to professional programmer. InfoWorld senior writer Serdar Yegulalp joins Juliet to discuss how employees interested in development can use low code platforms to learn basic skills before jumping into code. To read this article in full, please click here

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AWS keeps ‘commanding’ lead in latest Gartner cloud report

Sep 4 17:48:25 by

Amazon Web Services Inc. remains the “commanding” leader in cloud computing over No. 2 Microsoft Corp. and No. 3 Google LLC, but Google and “niche” providers Oracle Corp. and Alibaba Group Ltd. are coming on strong. That’s according to a new report from Gartner Inc., its Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services report, […] The post AWS keeps ‘commanding’ lead in latest Gartner cloud report appeared first on SiliconANGLE.

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SaaS App Decisions Made Quickly Today Will Haunt IT Tomorrow

Sep 18 21:12:00 by

In the rush to the cloud, vendors with the broadest SaaS portfolio could win out.

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Strategic Thinking Skills for Product Managers

Sep 4 9:00:00 by

In Mind the Product’s state of product management survey late last year lots of you said that strategic thinking had been the most important skill in helping you advance your career but it’s certainly not an easy skill to master. We’ve gathered some advice from the community in an attempt to offer some clarity. At its [...] Read More... The post Strategic Thinking Skills for Product Managers appeared first on Mind the Product.

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The Design Career Map – Learn How to Get Ahead in Your Work

Sep 17 3:34:50 by

Most people put a lot of effort into their work. Unfortunately, they often neglect themselves in the process. Time served is no longer enough to progress your career (if it ever was). You need to consciously develop your personal and professional skills to succeed and you need a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. Developing a career map can help you focus your attention on your own development. More importantly, like any good map – it can also help you measure your progress and keep you heading in the right direction. That doesn’t mean that you might not get lost on the way but having a map means that you can take action earlier when you do get lost too. Unfortunately,...

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What You Need to Know to Become an AWS Developer

Sep 17 19:00:00 by

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently one of the most used cloud services providers in the market, with Amazon reporting $10.8 million in sales in Q2 2020 alone. With 29% […]

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T-Mobile details its plan to give free internet to 10 million homes

Sep 4 10:35:21 by

Last year, T-Mobile CEO John Legere promised free internet for 10 million US homes in an effort to eliminate the “homework gap” — provided its merger with Sprint went through. Now that merger has happened, the combined company has opened up applicati...

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Google binds no-code tools, API management and serverless computing into new development platform

Sep 8 12:00:48 by

Placing a bet on the red-hot low-code/no-code market, Google LLC today debuted its new Business Application Platform category of software encompassing application programming interface management, no-code application development, process automation and business analytics.  Google said it aims to create more consistent ways for users to access services, data and functionality via APIs while disguising the […] The post Google binds no-code tools, API management and serverless computing into new development platform appeared first on SiliconANGLE.

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