4 Ways Programmers Can Improve Their Communication Skills

Feb 6 19:16:22 by dzone.com

It's no secret that managers and employers LOVE developers that are great at communicating. Sure, a genius programmer may well be forgiven for their social inadequacy. But imagine being a genius programmer with brilliant communication skills! Given that you are most likely writing code for someone else, or at least with someone else, communication is the foundation of your work. And I say "skills" for a reason. It's a common misconception that people either are good or bad at communicating. I call bullcrap on that. I used to be the shyest person in the room, barely having the courage to open my mouth when asked. Now, I don't hesitate to speak up or even lead the conversation as I see fit.

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5 MVP Development Mistakes Resulting in an Epic Business Failure

Mar 1 14:31:20 by dzone.com

"Minimum Viable Product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort." — Eric Ries After speaking to budding entrepreneurs about launching a business, most of them have massive dreams of starting a big, successful company that will be the next Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon.

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iOS Developers’ Alert: Apple Unleashes the Power of Progressive Web Apps

Feb 12 20:49:00 by dzone.com

Technology giant Apple Inc. is in an endeavor to extend support for web apps in its default browser Safari. Experts are already working to introduce support for Service Workers in this browser. This move from Apple is a clear hint that they are moving ahead with the growing concept of Progressive Web Apps (PWA).  How will the extended support of Service Workers in Safari browser impact enterprises? Are mobile apps being challenged by progressive web apps for the iOS platform? How does the future of iOS app development for the App Store look after this move by Apple? Let’s dig deeper to understand the intention behind this massive move by Apple.

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Spark Optimal Performance in a Development Team With These Strategies

Mar 13 15:00:49 by readwrite.com

Measuring the actual performance and productivity of a development team is no easy feat. So it can be difficult for managers of software development teams to challenge their team members and help them improve their performance. At Apriorit, we’ve found that using both team and individual metrics helps our managers guide their development teams, and it’s resulted […] The post Spark Optimal Performance in a Development Team With These Strategies appeared first on ReadWrite.

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4 Reasons Why You Must Consider Exploratory Testing Within Agile

Feb 19 10:01:01 by dzone.com

Creating an application is no longer an easy task. There are a number of factors that you must consider while conceptualizing an application and finally getting it into motion. The user interface, technology, user profile, and devices are some key considerations that application makers consider before diving into the application development process. Nevertheless, the times are changing and so are the expectations and preferences. This means that you need a process that enables you to keep exploring, learning, and executing constantly. That's where exploratory testing blends in within the Agile environment. If you just begin to understand the benefits of exploratory testing, you will realize how business critical it is, especially in the current scenario of absolute digital chaos. In a practical sense, it enables testing teams to keep up with the Agile development process. 

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Help us make the .NET Architecture guides better for you!

Feb 13 15:47:15 by blogs.msdn.microsoft.com

Over the last couple of years, we worked with experts to create some incredible architecture guides & reference samples for .NET developers. We focused on Microservices Architecture, Modernizing existing .NET apps, DevOps best practices, ASP.NET web apps, Azure cloud apps, Mobile apps with Xamarin and more. We’re running a survey to find out how you’re using them and what we could improve. It should take 10 mins or less, and your answers will help us make the guides and reference samples better. Take the survey now!  Thank You! .NET Team

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A Scrum Poster (A Visual Guide/Aid)

Feb 6 12:40:20 by www.scrum.org

Interested in receiving a visual aid to interpret the Scrum Guide? Grab a free copy of a very cool Scrum Poster and show off among your colleagues and friends. In the spirit of transparency, this poster can be a learning aid (for example when listening or reading the Scrum Guide) or a tool for Scrum Masters to explain Scrum to the organization, product owner or development team.  Only one poster per person please. Currently shipping to US and Europe only. Due to higher volume, it might take a few days to fulfill, we will notify you by email once the poster has shipped.  Get the Poster here: https://www.incrementor.com/products/scrum-poster 

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Development process for Azure

Feb 7 2:59:20 by docs.microsoft.com

Architect Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Core and Azure | Development process for Azure

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Microsoft is going all-in on 'Inner Source'

Feb 18 15:37:23 by www.zdnet.com

Microsoft is staffing up an internal Inner Source initiative to bring open-source principles, methodologies and tools for use by development teams inside the company.

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How to Avoid Failing at Mobile Test Automation

Feb 15 14:07:00 by www.infoq.com

Test automation in mobile development should be done by the Scrum team; don’t set up separate test automation teams, said Nadya Denisenko. She advised obeying the testing pyramid for mobile testing and involve testers from the start. Testers are quality-oriented developers who can guide and assist other developers in delivering high-quality software; manual testing will disappear in the future. By Ben Linders

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