Why people are essential to B2B marketing success

Mar 21 12:05:00 by mktingland

A people-focus is the single most powerful differentiator between B2B organizations who struggle and those who repeatedly succeed. The post Why people are essential to B2B marketing success appeared first on Marketing Land. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

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5 fatal user engagement metric mistakes

Mar 21 18:09:31 by www.appcues.com

User engagement metrics help build habit-forming products, but looking at them wrong can be fatal to your product's success.

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Minimum Viable Product Success Depends Upon the Target Market

Apr 4 5:02:03 by dzone.com

"Beautiful product development in an ugly market segment simply makes no sense." — Dan Adams Have you ever thought about how to sell a minimum viable product of an air conditioner in Antarctica? You will definitely have trouble selling it. The same rule applies for all the minimum viable products — no matter how good it is, it will fail if you are unable to solve the other half of the equation, which is finding the ideal target market for your MVP.

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5 Ways to Personalize Your User Onboarding Experience

Mar 20 15:33:53 by www.appcues.com

Personalized onboarding keeps users engaged, creates deeper relationships with customers, and increases activation and retention rates. Here are 5 personalization tactics that you can use to shorten your users' time to value, plus examples of personalized onboarding UX from successful products.

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The Ingredients of a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

Mar 8 17:40:48 by www.cmswire.com

When starting a digital transformation, remember that other organizations are in the same position: struggling to align their culture, process and technology.

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