What’s the point of doing UX?

Feb 18 17:00:00 by www.interaction-design.org

From a business perspective, differentiation is one of the primary reasons for investing in UX. If your products and services stand out from those of your competitors, they’re much more likely to be a market success – and having the most compelling and relevant user experiences is a great way to stand out! In this video, we will take you through the most important factors in differentiation through UX. So, in order to practice UX that differentiates you from your competitors, you need to use an outside-in work process. Outside-in means gathering information about actual users and customers in the context most relevant for your product or service and bringing that information into...

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Personalizing User Onboarding is the Best Growth Hack in the Game

Feb 19 21:35:41 by www.appcues.com

One of the most sure-fire ways to improve activation is personalizing user onboarding ux. Here are a few strategies from Pinterest, LogMeIn, and Calm.

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5 Proven Tactics for Evangelizing UX

Feb 26 15:00:00 by www.interaction-design.org

If you work in an area related to UX, you’ll probably agree that good UX has a huge business value. Good UX helps you create the most relevant products and services for your customers and ensure that they are a joy to use. But if you have any practical experience of working with UX in organizations or as a consultant, you might also have found that getting resources to do UX right and incorporating UX into your company culture can be an uphill battle. Let’s take a look at some practical tactics that you can use right away to evangelize UX inside an organization. Great UX is about more than designing beautiful and usable products, services and interfaces. If you want your UX work to have a r...

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Learning Points for UX Design for the Web

Feb 19 17:00:00 by www.interaction-design.org

Don’t Make Me Think is the title of a book by the HCI and Usability engineer Steve Krug. It teaches UX designers how to deliver great user experiences in a very simple and accessible way. Since its release in the year 2000 it has become one of the defining texts in the industry and an invaluable guide to UX professionals around the world. Don’t Make Me Think was written by Steve Krug to help people think like usability experts do. It was designed to be short, concise and very much to the point. The idea being that if it can be read in less than 2 hours and covers all the most important concepts of usability; it would be much easier to get people who don’t normally have responsibility for UX...

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The Heart of the Matter, Information Architecture in the Mobile Age

Feb 16 12:00:00 by www.interaction-design.org

Content is the key ingredient in so many user experiences. So how does it change when it comes to planning a mobile user experience? Should you rewrite your content for each platform or do you need a different strategy to make the most of your content on all platforms? Handling content on mobile doesn’t need to be a chore but it does take planning. Author/Copyright holder: Peter Morville. Copyright terms and licence: CC BY 2.0 In general terms the way you design information architecture (IA) for the mobile environment is very similar to the way that you design the IA for the desktop. The approach you use is near identical in fact but there are some important things to bear in mind when yo...

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A Simple Introduction to Lean UX

Feb 7 12:00:00 by www.interaction-design.org

Lean UX is an incredibly useful technique when working on projects where the Agile development method is used. Traditional UX techniques often don’t work when development is conducted in rapid bursts – there’s not enough time to deliver UX in the same way. Fundamentally Lean UX and other forms of UX all have the same goal in mind; delivering a great user experience it’s just that the way you work on a project is slightly different. So let’s take a look at how that might work. Lean UX – What is It?Lean UX is focused on the experience under design and is less focused on deliverables than traditional UX. It requires a greater level of collaboration with the entire team. The core objective is t...

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